Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill is one of the few complete-cycle manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Many years of experience and modern equipment from European manufacturers allow us to offer high quality products at affordable prices.


Toilet tissue from Kyiv CPM adds comfort and convenience to everyday life.

Each family is unique, so our products are designed for different consumers. Kyiv CPM produces well-known brand Obukhiv 65m, as well as modern products Divo, Soffione, MyLova and Obukhivka. We offer a wide range of packaging sizes, embossing, flavoring, number of plies and colors.

Our products are made of virgin fiber or recycled fiber.

Kyiv CPM also produces products under customers’ brands. All our products are manufactured with care of the environment, ensuring that daily use of products is safe and reliable.

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Kyiv CPM offers a wide and growing range of products to improve the comfort at your home. Our brands – Divo, Soffione and Obukhivska – offer paper towels with increased absorbence, durable, functional and stylish.

We provide paper towels for retail customers under Private Lable. All our towels are economic, safe and high quality, made from virgin fiber.

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In our busy live, lunch with a family and friends is a good way to spend time. Napkins produced by Kyiv CPM are soft and strong at the same time, which makes them very comfortable to use. Our napkins are suitable for everyday use and special occasions. It can be in different sizes, colors and types to meet different needs.

We also supply products specifically designed for own brands of our clients.

All our products are safe, environmentally friendly and non-refillable. Napkins are made of virgin fiber.

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AFH Tissue

AFH Tissue

“Divo Business” is a product linedesigned specifically for the needs of commercial customers. It includes large and comfortable packaging, as well as a variety of formats to satisfy your business product’s needs.

Private Labels Contract Production

Private Labels Contract Production

Kyiv CPM produces toilet paper, towels and napkins under the trademark of the customer according to the specific characteristics and requirements of the client. Due to a contract production, we produce PL for leading retailers in Ukraine Belarus, Poland,Moldova.

Tissue paper

Kyiv CPM produces tissue paper made of cellulose with different grammage and color. Tissue paper is used for the production of:

  • Toilet paper;
  • Paper towels;
  • Napkins.

Our Advantages

  • Closed-loop production cycle within the holding;
  • Modern equipment from leading European manufacturers, guaranteeing high quality products;
  • Integrated management system for the quality, environmental impact, and safety of products in accordance with the requirements of International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, FSSC 22000, Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Сonclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination of MoH of Ukraine, conformity to Unified Sanitary Regulations of EurAsEC, Certificate of conformity BfR up to EU directive №1935/2004 and recommendations XXXVI (ISEGA), FSC;
  • Continuous laboratory control at each production stage of finished products;
  • Many years of experience in the production of tissue products, combined with the modern equipment, and a team of leading experts in the field ensure a high quality of our products.

Cooperation and Contacts

Kyiv CPM carries out direct sales only due to pallets specifications starting from 80,000 rolls for export.
In order to purchase our products on the territory of Ukraine, please contact a Regional Manager.

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To purchase tissue paper reels tel.:+38 04572 76 344

Email to:  Yuliya.Konoval@papir.kiev.ua

For distribution in Ukraine tel.:+38 04572 76 091

For work with retail chains and contract manufacturing tel.:+38 04572 71 003

For export sales tel.:+38 04572 76 288 факс.:+38 04572 76 334