Recycled Paper Purchase and Supply Department

Kyiv CPM buys and recycles paper. Volume acceptance of sorted baled recycled paper is from 18 t.

Recycled paper is accepted in accordance with the Requirements of GOST 3500: 2009.

Recycled paper grades

Yaroslav Ruslanovich Sapozhnikov – Head of Raw Materials Department

+38 04572 76 549

Recycled Paper Purchase Department

tel.: +38 044 494 4045

tel.: +38 04572 76 358

tel.: +38 04572 76 113

tel.: +38 04572 71 074

Supply Department

Chief of Supply Department Olga Kozlovskaya +3804572-76-017
Deputy Head of Supply Department – pulp, equipment and spare parts (import) Oleg Bulavin +3804572-76-477
Economist – purchase of fuel and lubricants, nets, cloth, industrial, laboratory, and ventilation equipment, furniture, fixtures and others. Denis Ushakov +3804572-76-356
Economist – purchase of electrical equipment, instrumentation, etc. Vladimir Poryadyuchenko +3804572-76-276
Economist – purchase of bearings manager, spare parts, fire fighting equipment, metal structures and others. Tatyana Onishchenko +3804572-76-532
Economist – purchase of chemicals, agents, lab glass, etc. Marianna Yatsyuk +3804572-76-219
Economist – purchase of chemicals, nets, cloth (import) Alla Lanova +3804572-71-070
Economist – purchase of electrical industrial equipment, spare parts (import) Tamila Zabroda +3804572-71-550
Economist – purchase of films, tapes, lumber, printing materials, paints, chemicals and others. Oksana Noga +3804572-76-270


Economist – purchase of rolled metal products, hardware, piping, etc. Svyatoslav Skrypets +3804572-76-089


Economist – for the selling of used fuel,  lubricants, batteries, scrap metal, containers, etc. Elena Plyusnina +3804572-76-689