Purchase Department (cellulose, fuel, materials, chemicals, etc.)

Kyiv CPM purchases materials via SmartTender.

Purchase Department

Chief of Purchase Department Olga Kozlovskaya +3804572-76-017 Olga.Kozlovska@papir.kiev.ua
Deputy Head of Purchase Department – pulp, equipment and spare parts (import) Oleg Bulavin +3804572-76-477 Oleg.Bulavin@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of fuel and lubricants, nets, cloth, industrial, laboratory, and ventilation equipment, furniture, fixtures and others. Denis Ushakov +3804572-76-356 Denys.Ushakov@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of electrical equipment, instrumentation, etc. Vladimir Poryadyuchenko +3804572-76-276 Volodymyr.Poryadyuchenko@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of bearings manager, spare parts, fire fighting equipment, metal structures and others. Tatyana Onishchenko +3804572-76-532 Tetyana.Onyshchenko@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of chemicals, agents, lab glass, etc. Marianna Yatsyuk +3804572-76-219 Marianna.Yatsyuk@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of chemicals, nets, cloth (import) Alla Lanova +3804572-71-070 Alla.Lanova@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of electrical industrial equipment, spare parts (import) Tamila Zabroda +3804572-71-550 Tamila.Zabroda@papir.kiev.ua
Economist – purchase of films, tapes, lumber, printing materials, paints, chemicals and others. Oksana Noga +3804572-76-270 Oksana.Noga@papir.kiev.ua


Economist – purchase of rolled metal products, hardware, piping, etc. Svyatoslav Skrypets +3804572-76-089 Svyatoslav.Skrypets@papir.kiev.ua


Economist – for realization of used fuel,  lubricants, batteries, scrap metal, containers, etc. Elena Plyusnina +3804572-76-689